B2 & HO National Day

National Day

ENGIE STOMO Head Office and Barka II Plant celebrated the national day of the Sultanate of Oman by elaborately decorating the vehicle sunshade, transforming it into a colourful celebration venue where staff could gather to mark the 46th National Day of Oman.

The Ceremony started with staff singing the National Anthem led by the site manager Abdullah Al Rawahi, who went on to give an uplifting speech about Oman its history, their economic culture; their close relationship with the sea, and the unique Falaj irrigation system that was so important in helping the country to prosper in the past.

Abdullah then spoke warmly about Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said and his close relationship with the people of Oman, before inviting employees to write their feelings for their country and their leader on a banner on the wall. The banner was quickly covered in messages.

Finally the celebrations were marked with the release of balloons carrying the National flag and as the balloons lifted into the sky, all were invited to have lunch together. At the end of the celebrations staff were received a gift to mark the occasion.

Stomo Electrical Near Miss RoadShow 24th October

On the 24th October, ENGIE STOMO CEO Mike Maudsley and HSSE Manager Ian Agnew started the Electrical Near Miss Road Show at Barka II Power and Desalination Plant before delivering the same discussion to Barka III Power Plant later that day. They also plan to visit the remaining STOMO plants over the coming weeks.

The 30 minute discussion and video emphasized the importance of following the ENGIE safety rules; by describing a potentially fatal real life near miss incident which occurred at Barka 3 power plant on 27th October 2015. The cause of the incident was shown to be a succession of errors by everyone involved which collectively undermined ENGIE’s safety rules and resulting in the electrocution of a member of staff. It was only luck that prevented the employee from losing his life and consequently would have subjected his family to untold misery and hardship.

ENGIE Power and Water Middle East, is a world class Operations & Management company which has stringent rules in place that are designed to safeguard the lives of its workers. When these rules are enforced rigorously, safety is ensured in each and every activity carried out by workers.

These rules are actively supported by the simple non-negotiable ENGIE lifesaving rule, one of which clearly says – VERIFY THAT THERE IS NO LIVE ENERGY (MECHANICAL, ELECTRICAL, FLUIDS UNDER PRESSURE etc.,) BEFORE STARTING WORK.

In conclusion Mike and Ian stressed staff should learn the following and implement it in their everyday activities:

ATTENTIVENESS - Stay attentive when discussing or doing a work

ALERTNESS - Be alert to the work happening around you

ATTENTION TO DETAILS - Pay attention to the smallest of details. If in doubt, just ask your Supervisor or Safety Controller - Remember the STOMO HSSE Engineer is always around to assist you anytime.

Strict Adherence to Rules - At all point of times, obey the rules. Never disregard or overlook a rule


Your every single action can save everyone and everything around you.

Take a minute and promise yourself to be safe at all times….for yourself, for the sake of your family.


First Female Engineer

ENGIE STOMO has great pleasure to formally announce that they have recruited the first Lady Engineer to their team - Ms. Majda Said Juma Al Falahi. This is a positive and pioneering step for the company.

Majda graduated from Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) in Electrical and Computer Engineering. She has attended workshops and training at SQU, PDO and Tibodin Consultant Company.

“I am extremely pleased with this outcome and I look forward to seeing her develop and progress within the Company and I also look forward to replicating this process soon with more female Engineers in the future”, says Mike Maudsley, CEO of ENGIE STOMO.

Majda will now follow a development programme which is a blend of engineering, safety and management skills focused on preventing catastrophic accidents and serious incidents associated with a loss of containment of energy or dangerous substances such as chemicals and petroleum products. These engineering, safety and management skills are complimentary to but distinct from those required for Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management.

Majda will work alongside Chris Martin, Process Engineering Manager, developing and implementing process safety management systems aimed at eliminating vulnerabilities that could expose personnel, plant and the environment to a low probability but high impact event. Collectively these systems are part of ENGIE’s Operational Excellence framework which is being rolled out throughout ENGIE STOMO.

Integrate Program 15th – 16th November

From the 15th – 16th November, ENGIE welcomed global employees to Disney’s Hotel New York – Centre de Convention for the program Integrate One Company. Integrate means to combine one thing with another so that they become a whole. ENGIE tries to include all their employees in the development of the Group.

This year Roy Bailey, Ken Henderson, Mohammed Al Rawahi, Yousuf Al Waili and Saud Al Waili attended the conference in Paris.

Here are some quotes from a few of the attendees;

“A very enlightening two days for me personally, I learnt many things about ENGIE itself, digitalization, collaboration & sharing, innovation and how energy is changing around the world. The biggest message I got from the event was that the world of energy is changing at a significant rate and we (ENGIE STOMO) need to change with it to succeed’ explains Roy Bailey, Sohar I Site Manager.

Mohammed Al Rawahi, Barka II Operations Manager says, “A great opportunity to see the wide picture of ENGIE. The passion, the ambition and the enthusiasm to cope with the energy revolution is a new story far from the old Suez canal construction”

“For me the event was very professional and informative giving a very clear picture of the journey ENGIE is on and the challenges that need to be overcome in order to compete successfully in the rapidly changing energy market. Innovation and the speed of transition to embrace the new business strategy are paramount to ensure competitive advantage for the longer term. One quote that stuck was “If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together” says Ken Henderson, Head of Engineering.

To learn more about ENGIES Energy transition ambitions please view this link;

Oman Sail Motivational Speaker 17th , 18th November

On the 17th November, 18 ENGIE STOMO managers attended the Marcus Child motivational program at the Al Mouj Sailing School.

Marcus Child is a world renowned and award winning business coach and motivational speaker, who has been sharing his experience for the last 20 years? Marcus delivered a high-energy presentation using anecdotes and demonstrations to encourage those present to visualise their business ambition, align their strategy, communicate goals vividly and lead behavioral change from the front if they wished to create the conditions for success.

Marcus’ highly interactive and inspirational approach proved to be very engaging and key messages were often underlined with appropriate research. Whilst his examples were generally business focused they were not necessarily academic in terms of giving answers but were more aimed at stimulating the audiences thoughts about what other great leaders do/how they do it and what we can ourselves can achieve with the right mindset.

Some of the points we focused on was the Gallup 12 question grid, accentuate the positive & eliminate the negative and to keep focus on the life you want to live and being the best version of yourself that you can be.

Oman Sail’s CPD program helps people of all ages to develop such skills as self-leadership, teamwork, communication, problem solving, goal getting and decision making under pressure. The program uses Oman Sail’s success in developing high performing sailing teams who have performed on the world stage with enormous success to develop its personal and professional development programs.

Omani Woman's Day 17TH OCTOBER

ON THE 17TH OCTOBER OMAN CELEBRATED “Omani Woman’s Day “, in support of this event ENGIE STOMO ladies decided to visit two hospitals (Muscat & Sohar) and distribute gifts to all of the woman patients.

On the 19th October, they visited SQU Hospital and distributed gifts to 100 women. Each gift contained; clothing material, perfume and Omani halwa. They visited cancer patients and patients of Internal Medicine all of whom were very happy and grateful to receive their gifts.

On the 20th October, the ENGIE STOMO ladies visited Sohar Hospital where they were greeted by the public relations staff who expressed their appreciation of this initiative. A further 50 gifts were distributed to patients in the internal medicine department, where it was a pleasure to see how such a simple gesture never failed to put a smile on the patients faces.

This event was just another step taken to appreciate and recognize the value of Omani woman. Both hospital managements have expressed their gratitude and would welcome further cooperation in the future. Thank you to the ENGIE STOMO Ladies;


1. Ibtisam Khamis Al Burtomani

2. Maitha Al Burtomani

3. Zayana Al Yahmadi

4. Rehma Al Habsi

5. Sara Mubarak salim Al Afari

6. Hafidha Al Balushi

7. Basma Khamis Al Burtomani

8. Nasra Al Harrasi

9. Mayra Al Aamri


1. Raya Said Al Maqbali

2. Ibtisam Al Akhzami

PR Coverage –2nd December, 2016


Muscat Daily

Al Watan

STOMO welcomes International Maritime College of Oman with visit to Sohar I Power and Desalination Plant

Strengthening ties within the vocational training sector, Suez-Tractebel Operation and Maintenance Oman (STOMO) recently welcomed students from the International Maritime College of Oman, conducting a comprehensive site tour of the Sohar I Independent Power and Desalination Plant. A group of 40 students completing their Bachelor’s Degree in Maritime Course visited the plant in two batches and received a comprehensive overview of site operations and procedures, together with a detailed presentation on the desalinisation technology used at the plant.

Welcoming the students, Mike Mosley, Site Manager of Sohar I Power and Desalination Plant began the tour with a presentation of STOMO’s role in managing and maintaining the plant as well as explaining the processes involved for efficient power generation and water desalination. The students were then escorted by STOMO staff to receive a behind the scenes tour of the plant, including the control room, power generating gas turbines and the reverse osmosis (RO) plant. Sohar I is a 585MW electricity generation and 33 million imperial gallons a day (MIGD) seawater desalination plant. The site is located in the Sohar Industrial Port Area in the northern Al Batinah region of the Sultanate. The visit was coordinated by Hamid Soltani, Senior Marine Engineering Teacher of the college and two teachers accompanied the students on site.

Commenting on the first ever visit of students from the International Maritime College of Oman, Mike Mosley noted, “The tour of Sohar I provided students with a comprehensive overview of the massive plant and its operations, comprising a very in-depth technical presentation and a behind the scenes tour of operations. We also highlighted many unique interesting features around the site. Receiving a first-hand understanding of the functioning of the plant gives students a clearer idea of what they have been studying in classrooms.”

The International Maritime College of Oman is located in Sohar, adjacent to the Sohar Port and offers Diploma and Degree Courses, and Short Courses for the Maritime, Shipping, Port, Transport and Petro-Chemical Process Industries.

The maritime curriculum includes the process of desalination of water and production of electricity within a ship, and the site visit helped students get first-hand knowledge of the actual process behind the theory taught in classrooms. They had the opportunity to further understand how boilers, steam turbines worked along with an overview of feed water and condensate system, thermal desalination plant, remineralisation plant, and ejectors and deaerators.

“The organisation of site visits with institutes like International Maritime College of Oman gives us as employers an opportunity to meet future potential recruits passionate about this industry.” Added Mike.

Henrik Petersen, Acting Head of Maritime Department of the International Maritime College of Oman (IMCO) said, “The students were fascinated to witness the plant’s equipment that they have been seeing in miniature form on ships. IMCO is a leading learning institution in the fields of maritime, logistics and process operations, that is committed to providing Oman, the region and beyond with professionals ready to face the emerging challenges of industry. Our aim is to provide high quality education and practical training, and this visit served as a great opportunity to help students understand the workings of power and desalination plants.”

STOMO Operates and Maintains the Sohar I Independent Power and Desalination Plant owned by Sohar Power Company (SAOG), located in the Sohar Industrial Port Area in the northern Al Batinah region of the Sultanate.

STOMO Organises Majis Beach Clean-Up

In yet another initiative towards demonstrating our commitment to the community and environment on the 4th December, Sohar I and II organised a comprehensive effort to clean the beach in Majis, located near Sohar Industrial Estate, just a kilometre from Sohar I & Sohar II plant.

Mike Mosley, Site manager of the Sohar I & Sohar II Power and Desalination plants commented, “The Sultanate boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the region, and we feel it a responsibility to help the community during clean-up. As a socially conscious organisation, STOMO has constantly been involved in initiatives that benefit the environment as well as bringing together its employees and member of the community towards a common goal.”

Participants in the half-day clean up were STOMO staff, members of Sohar Power Company (SPC) as well as Al Batinah Power Company (ABPC), Majis Municipality personnel and public officials, and Majis middle school students – totalling to around 150 people. Through the morning, in a joined effort, the volunteers picked up litter from the beach on the Al Batinah coast, in order to make the area cleaner for everyone to enjoy. Much rubbish and trash was collected over the course of three hours, with the majority of the litter being comprised of discarded food containers and drink cans, broken glass pieces and fishing equipment.

With a coastline of over 3,000km, Oman offers some of the most stunning beaches in the region. However, with increasing visitors to the area, these coastal regions have become collecting spots for litter and debris which can be harmful and even fatal, to all manners of marine wildlife. This initiative from STOMO not just highlights the need for action, but also engages its employees in protecting the ecosystem.

Saud Al Waili, Operations Manager from STOMO also added, “It was exceedingly satisfying to be able to contribute to make our neighbourhood’s Majis beach spick and span. We were very encouraged by the large number of staff and their families who volunteered for this activity and spent half a day, preserving the marine environment of Oman.”

Litter was found scattered along the vast stretch of the beach. The volunteers enjoyed socializing and a small drink and snack offered by STOMO during the clean-up campaign.

STOMO manages the operations and maintenance at both Sohar I & Sohar II plants, and is actively involved in community related initiatives in the Sohar area. The beach clean-up drive took place as part of the larger STOMO social programme, which demonstrates a commitment towards corporate social responsibility, with the aim to use its own assets and human resources to benefit the local environment and the community at large.

STOMO makes a difference on the eve of Ramadan

In a campaign of philanthropy during the holy month of Ramadan, STOMO, represented by Basma al Burtomani and Hafidha al Balushi, secretaries at Barka II Power and Desalination Plant and Barka III Power Plant respectively, decided to give back to the community by organising Iftar giveaways. The aim of the campaign was to provide Iftar hampers to underprivileged families in the Barka region making the holy month, all the more joyous for them.

STOMO’s representatives arranged 200 food packages from Lulu Hypermarket and contacted social welfare groups in the Barka region. Barka al Khair, one such group owned by the Al Rahma Group, has in the past successfully managed to better the lives of over 800 families, with 90 per cent of their operations running in Barka, Mussanah and Nakhal. The Barka al Khair Group, represented by Shamsa al Faliti, provided STOMO with a list of underprivileged families and, together with Basma al Burtomani and Hafidha al Balushi, personally helped distribute the packages to each of the families. The campaign lasted four days at the eve of Ramadan, from June 23 to 26.

Barka Big Beach Clean Up

On the 8th May, STOMO staff rolled up their sleeves and set out to clean a 1 km stretch of sandy beach outside the Barka II Power and Desalination Plant & Barka III Power Plant. Joined by the senior leadership team, over 70 staff from both plants braved the heat for the ‘Big Beach Clean Up’ and spent three hours in the morning picking up litter from the beach, in order to make the area cleaner for everyone to enjoy. Over 38 cubic meters of rubbish was collected over the course of 3 hours, with the majority of the litter being comprised of discarded food containers and drink cans, broken glass pieces and fishing equipment.

Everyone attending the Big Beach clean-up was presented with a T-Shirt and cap made especially for the event. A refreshment tent was on hand to keep all the volunteers hydrated with cold water and soft drinks.

Latest beach clean-up news: Sohar I Power and Desalination Plant and Sohar II Power Plant are organising a beach clean-up on the 1st December on the Majis beach which is located by Sohar Industrial estate and the village of Majis. If staff from other STOMO plants would like to help please contact Raya Al Maqbali or Ibtisam Al Akhzami for details.

Sohar II and Barka III Inauguration 24th and 26th March 2014

GDF SUEZ inaugurated two power plants in the Sultanate of Oman this week. The Sohar II and Barka III power plants, which represent a combined investment of USD1.7 billion and total installed capacity of 1,488 MW.

These two projects were tendered by the Government of Oman in 2009 to meet the country’s growing power needs. A consortium led by GDF SUEZ was awarded both projects in 2010 and three years later, Barka III and Sohar II started commercial operation on schedule, adding significant capacity to the Sultanate’s Main Interconnected System (MIS). The Group’s partners in the consortium were Suhail Bahwan Group, the Public Authority for Social Insurance (PASI) of Oman, Sojitz Corporation and Shikoku Electric Power Co., Inc. of Japan.

Willem Van Twembeke, CEO of GDF SUEZ Energy International, who attended the inauguration ceremonies, said: “Over the last 20 years, GDF SUEZ has been a reliable, efficient and long-term supplier of power and water to the people of Oman. In partnership with the Government of Oman, we remain committed to meeting the growing future energy and water needs of the Country.”

Sohar II and Barka III are coastal, gas-fired combined cycle gas turbines (CCGT) plants with a capacity of 744 MW each. With state-of-the-art technology, they are the most energy efficient large-scale power plants in Oman.

The Oman Power and Water Procurement Company (OPWP) is the single off-taker for both project companies under two separate 15-year power purchase contracts. According to OPWP, peak demand for electricity in the MIS is expected to grow at an average rate of 9.5% per annum driven by population growth, general economic development and infrastructure expansion.